We partnered with Sacks Exhibits on the Cylance booth at Black Hat 2016, creating three scene-setting features that presented a look of sophistication, security and innovation - an ideal eye-catching environment for a leader at this event for the infosec industry.  

The main structure was an illuminated tapered arch that spoke to the idea of an advanced space. With a length of 24 ft., the arch was 19 ft. wide with 6 in. walls.  

Above, the monumental hanging Cylance logo was also an illuminated element. At 6 ft. wide and nearly 8 ft. high, the logo utilized a precisely-patterned, custom sewn-in liner so that only the green logo portions were backlit. 

We also fabricated the square hanging sign with rounded corners that crowned the space. At 28 ft. per side, the sign was 3.5 ft. high and featured a backlit bottom perimeter.

Customer Sacks provided the LED lighting systems for which we designed custom internal framing for these illuminated elements. Recessed spreaders in the large elements also presented the cleanest crisp shapes and fabric surfaces, while providing sturdiness.

The exhibit as a whole created a uniquely vertical visual and a savvy, engaging environment. 

Photos: Steve Rossman

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