Adidas NYC Flagship

Adidas design partnered with Tangram International Exhibitions Inc. to develop a blown out, amazing lifestyle experience for it largest flagship to date – Adidas NYC next to Times Square. To celebrate its shoe release for global NBA hoops star James Harden, Adidas wanted to use Moss' new eMotion™ animated lightboxes in the inaugural store windows during Holiday 2016. These animations would become the first in a series of collaborative animations between Moss, its client Tangram, and Adidas. 

Harden's recognizable "Beard" silhouette was traced with light via the custom-programmed eMotion LED technology. The animation lasted about 20 seconds before repeating its cycle. In a second eMotion lightbox, the animation also dynamically used light to trace the image of Harden's logo and to burst light through the background image of an upside-down basketball court. 

For each new experience, Moss provides install change-out support with the digital content and also the physical location/setup of the eMotion lightbox units. 

In a completely different experience, eMotion was used in a mirrored table application highlighting Adidas' Clima technology, where message copy was central to the animation. Bold messaging was framed and transitioned via full-LED panel illuminations that bookended the animation. The new content featured scrolling copy, moving light fills, and flash sequences. A reflective dichroic film set on top of the LED panel array provided a slick, intriguing and dynamic surface. 

"Adidas NYC will constantly challenge the status quo and what consumers expect when they go to a store. 
We're giving consumers an experience 
that's really authentic to them. Our job isn't to dictate what they need or 
what we think they might want, but to listen to our 
consumers and athletes and create the future together."
-Mark King, President, Adidas Group North America

In the third installment of content, the eMotion lightbox was suspended at an angle, running scrolling copy that mimicked the motion of a treadmill; in-store treadmill tests are also actually part of finding the perfect fit for running mechanics and style and the importance also placed on customization at the store. For this Adidas Ultraboost application, reflective film was used again, and the directional animation provided a believable treadmill look.  

To date, Tangram and Adidas provide creative direction for new animation concepts every several weeks, keeping the flagship experience fresh and supporting Adidas' targeted merchandising and brand-building. In repurposing and reusing the technology, Moss collaborates and executes with various materials, including tension fabric and rigid surface materials, and the testing of different light diffuser fabric styles & opacities and various programmed brightness. Separately, Moss also supplied multiple oversized Illuminedge™ Lightboxes.    

"Adidas pushes us with new ways to use the product and with execution challenges to solve for, advancing our R&D 
and improving the product capability for all. This is the natural benefit of working with a leader in retail innovation. 
Because custom is our day-to-day, we're suited as their partner in these fast-paced & innovative experience change-outs."
-Heidi Katherine, Moss VP of Creative Design 

Click here for more eMotion - details, specs & more video!


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