03 May 12

Tips for finding the right display system for a new client

Tips for finding the right display system for a new client
There are a lot of choices and one display system really does not fit all clients. So it's in your best interest to figure out the client first and then decide which display system fits them.

First off: what is the client's or brand's style? Are they modern or old fashioned; simple or complex; clean or eclectic? Their display should fit their style or they really won't like it for very long. You should ask them of course. And, you may see it in their personal style and in the way they present their branding.

For example, the Entasi display shown below is clean and modern looking. It has some shelving and accessory options - but it's not as structural or heavy as an extrusion based design could be. It's a simple, pure form with the large back wall graphic.

This Entasi display is going to fit the client who's answers are: stylish, modern and clean. It's maybe not the best choice however for a client who says they are complex, old fashioned and eclectic for example. They might be better off with a display that has more structure with lots of angles, surfaces and storage areas built into the design.

Secondly, what is the most important factor to the client with their display? What are second and third most important factors to the client with their display? Note: I feel like this is really important to nail the client down in order to provide good sales support and consultation.

A. Form
B. Function
C. Set-up Time
D. Lower weight/less to ship
E. Having lots of storage built into the booth
F. The number of shelves for displaying product
G. Using recycled or recyclable materials
H. Lighting
I. Upfront costs of the display
J. Long-term costs of the display
K. Easy to change graphics
L. Modularity / reconfiguration
M. Durability
N. Uniqueness

Third, once the client's top three factors are figured out, what are they willing to compromise in order to get their top three goals? It's time to get real and explain the trade offs of exhibiting in the physical world.

For example, if they want their display to be light, easier to set-up, less expensive to ship (Green factor) - then they are going to probably have to compromise some on storage, number of shelves, structural elements. Or, in the other direction if they want the display to have lots of storage, shelves and structural elements - then they are probably going to have to compromise on the weight, set-up time and the Green factor.

The right display for the client will strike a good balance of the things that are most important and the things they are willing to compromise on in order to get their top three goals.

Lastly, I wanted to make a point about Green exhibiting. This used to get a lot of attention before the global economic meltdown but gets less so know.

Green exhibiting basically means two things. Upfront it means using recycled materials and materials that are recyclable which may be slightly more expensive. Long term it means doing more with less so you can have an exhibit that is lighter weight, packs down smaller and uses less energy particularly in shipping.

The good news is those same long term Green factors also save the exhibitor money overall. Tension fabric exhibits are overwhelmingly seen as one of the best Green options for the long term because exhibits ship so often.

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